In his performance „Future Heroes” Markus Öhrn, one of the most interesting contemporary theatre directors, looks at Europe thorugh the eyes of young inhabitants of Warsaw born after the transformation from Communism. The premiere will take place on 27-28 September (Saturday- Sunday), at 19:00 at Komuna// Warszawa.
Who is the young citizen of Europe? How do young Varsovians see the future of Europe and their own role within the European community? Markus Öhrn sought to answer these questions together with a group of elementary, junior- and senior-middle school and university students. The performance touches on such issues as differentiation in social status, tolerance and practical aspects of gender theory. The subjects are of particular relevance to a country drawing the first conclusions from the experience of 25 years of systemic transformation.

The performance was made as part of the „Future of Europe” cycle in coproduction with the Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne festival.

Author and director: Markus Öhrn
Director’s assistant: Małgorzata Wdowik
Performers: Wiktor Bagiński, Łukasz Brodowski, Nina Dąbrowska, Helena Gąsiejewska, Igor Kacperski, Apolinary Rzońcia, Anna Sienicka, Zhanna Viznovych
Costumes: Ewelina Ciuchta
Curator: Marcin Maćkiewicz
Production coordinator: Izabela Żerek

Production: Komuna// Warszawa
Coproduction: Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne
Markus Öhrn (born 1972) is a Swedish visual artist and theatre director, graduate in fine arts from Konstfack, Stockholm (2008). Although lacking a theatrical education and with just a few performances to his name, he has seen his work presented at the world’s most prestigious festivals, such as Avignon, Vienna, Brussels or Berlin. Markus Öhrn’s shows continue to generate controversy and hated discussion on the limits of contemporary theatre. In his triptych „Conte d’Amour” (2010), „We love Africa and Africa loves us” (2012), „Bis zum Tod” (2014) he takes up the subject of toxicity of the traditional European family model and the violence intrinsic to it. In „Étant donnés” he presented the painful consequences of the objectification of the female body. His performances steer far from the conventions of traditional theatre, as fragments of text merely comment on radically visual stage situations. He makes extensive use of video technology, frequently cutting off direct access to the actor during live performance. In Poland he has shown his work twice to date – at the Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne and within the “#i care about you” programme at the Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań.

27–28.09.2014 r. (Saturday-Sunday), 19:00
Komuna// Warszawa, ul. Lubelska 30/32 tickets: PLN 15/ 25

8.10.2014 r. (Wednesday), 19.00 at the Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne festival.

Europe holds a special place in the world, as it has given birth to a culture and to a value system, which continue to serve as points of reference for the whole planet. Irrespective of geographical location or historical tradition, people continue to be attracted to the modernising force of ideas born in ancient and modern Europe: democracy, individual liberty, human rights, social rights…
In 2014 Poland is celebrating the tenth anniversary of accession to the European Union, an occasion to reflect on the idea of the European community – especially now, amid crisis and a collapse of enthusiasm for Europe. Together with guest artists we will explore possible scenarios for the future of Europe, tormented as it is by the twin crises of democracy and of finance. We will consider the consequences of the frustration felt people pushed to the margins of society.

Project co-financed by the Municipality of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National heritage










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