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” […,] ”

project: agata siniarska
curator: marta keil

19.11,  20.30
Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin

In her latest project […,], Agata Siniarska, an outcome of choreographic and cybernetic experiments, returns from a future where there are no deadlines, open calls, grants, and networkings. In the course of three nights at Komuna//Warszawa, she has shared with the audience her experience of working on the international dance scene from 2007 to 2045. What if we extend the scope of choreography even further? How does it feel to be a body without organs, without being an emerged Scandinavian choreographer? What will be the world in which Trisha Brown forgets her dance and dance forgets Trisha Brown? Why Pina Bausch stage comeback in 2034 caused a momentous catastrophe? Will dancers in the future dream only about electronic accounts as well?

Project co-financed by the Municipality of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa NarodowegoUrząd m.st. Warszawy



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