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„THE FUTURE” (2014-2016) and „THE FUTURE OF THE BODY” (2015) cycles

“The Future” is a 3-year (2014-2016) cycle of artistic events produced by Komuna// Warszawa. According to some sociological and futurological theories, the human kind’s preference for the status quo means that the world will be undergoing an evolution, not a revolution. But there are other options as well: we might build a better world or head for a catastrophe. Ideas, tensions, and processes which will shape the future have probably emerged already.
You only need a visionary’s eye to notice, explore, and name them. It is this kind of reflection that Komuna// Warszawa wants to elicit, asking artists to turn theoretical speculations into artworks, sketch out possibilities, and ask key questions.

The 2014 season was dedicated to the future of Europe and it included:
– “Future Heroes” by Markus Öhrn
– “Europe. An Investigation” by Weronika Pelczyńska, Iza Szostak, Magda Jędra
– “Terry Pratchett. Social Science” by Komuna// Warszawa

The 2015 season focuses on the future of the body and it include:
– „[…,]” by Agata Siniarska
– „Aristocrats” by Łukasz Chotkowski, Magda Hueckel, Tomasz Śliwiński, Stefan Węgłowski 
– “Diuna 1961”  by Komuna// Warszawa

The year 2016 will close and summarize the cycle with the main topics being the real utopias and the world in 2089, when the audience and creators of those productions will be long gone.

“THE FUTURE OF EUROPE” cycle (2014)
In 2014 Poland was celebrating the tenth anniversary of accession to the European Union, an occasion to reflect on the idea of the European community – especially now, amid crisis and a collapse of enthusiasm for the European Union. Together with guest artists we explored possible scenarios for the future of Europe, tormented as it is by the twin crises of democracy and of finance. We considered the consequences of the frustration felt by people pushed to the margins of society. We looked at the possibility of the EU’s collapse and at realistic plans for reconstruction and renewed efflorescence of the European idea.

“THE FUTURE OF THE BODY” cycle (2015)
How does the fusion of information technology and biotechnology change the way we define us as individuals? Or as a species? Will Homo sapiens give way to Homo technologicus? How will this influence our societies? Are these actions only a game the rich play, a new “eugenics”, or the beginning of a new era? What will constitute humanity and the body? What values will post-humanistic ethics cherish?

Project co-financed by the Municipality of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa NarodowegoUrząd m.st. Warszawy


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