komuna// warszawa

Komuna// Warszawa is an independent theatre and creative collective, known for its work across artistic disciplines, experimenting with such media, as performing arts, video installation and music. Using original and live music, Komuna// Warszawa seeks new forms and means of expression and encourages criticism and self-reflection in the audience. It undertakes research projects, initiates debates, and curates and produces works by other artists. Its venue is an important independent centre of culture in Warsaw.

Komuna// Warszawa’s performances have been presented at international festivals, including Edinburgh Fringe; Golden Mask, Moscow; euro-scene, Leipzig; SpielArt, Munich, as well as in New York, Duesseldorf, Ljubljana, Tbilisi or Tehran. The most important shows include: “Bez tytułu” (“Untitled”) (1997), “Design/Gropius” (2002), “Perechodnik/Bauman” (2003), “Przyszłość świata” (“Future of the World”) (2006), “Mill/Maslow” (2007), “Księgi” (“The Books”) (2009), “Sierakowski” (“Future Tales: Sierakowski”) (2011), “Atatürk, albo dlaczego pojechałem do Istambułu” (“Atatürk, or Why I Went to Istanbul” (2012), “Paradise Now? Re// Mix Living Theatre” (2013) and “Tocqueville. Życie codzienne po Wielkiej Rewolucji” (“Tocqueville. Daily Life After a Great Revolution”) (2014).

In 2014 Komuna// Warszawa initiated a three-year cycle of art events “Przyszłość” (“The Future”). The project builds on the idea, promoted by some social thinkers futurologists, that mankind’s attachment to the status quo will decisively shape the foreseeable future and send social change on an evolutionary rather than revolutionary path. But other scenarios are also possible: a better world or a disaster. Ideas and tensions that will shape the future are probably already with us – but it takes a visionary to spot, investigate and describe them. Komuna// Warszawa has asked a number of artists to mould these theoretical approaches into performative works, exploring possible scenarios and posing key questions.

The 2014 season was dedicated to the future of Europe, with works by: Markus Öhrn – “Bohaterowie przyszłości” (“Future Heroes”); Weronika Pelczyńska, Iza Szostak, Magda Jędra – “Europa. Śledztwo” (“Europe. An Investigation”) and Komuna// Warszawa – “Terry Pratchett. Nauki społeczne” (“Terry Pratchett. Social Science”).

The season 2015 is dedicated to the future of the body and considers the emergence of homo technologicus and a new eugenics.

The 2016 season will seek a summary of the project and will focus on the concept of utopia. Komuna// Warszawa continues the work of the legendary Komuna Otwock, an anarchist community of action and one of Poland’s most recognisable independent theatre companies. Faced with the failure of its ideals, as art has not led to revolutionary social change, the group decided to dissolve itself.


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