what is komuna// warszawa

Komuna// Warszawa is one of Poland’s most important independent theatres, engaged in experimental work on the borderlines of performing arts, video and music. In its work, Komuna// Warszawa explores important, contemporary subjects, ceaselessly searching for new forms and means of expression. It provides space for creative dialogue and attracts collaboration of young artists who are left a great deal of creative freedom. Komuna// Warszawa has produced shows by artists of such renown as Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski, Marcin Liber, Paweł Passini, Krzysztof Garbaczewski or Leszek Bzdyl.

Komuna// Warszawa initiated and produced the RE//MIX cycle, which resulted in the creation of over 30 premieres that reference classic works of avant-garde in theatre and dance, as well as music, literature and film. The project invited participation of artists in a range of creative fields from theatre directors to dancers and choreographers to musicians and composers. The RE//MIX cycle won a number of favourable reviews and the monthly “Teatr” named it the event of year 2012.

Komuna// Warszawa performances have been presented at international festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe, Kiev, Moscow, Berlin. Munich or Tbilisi. The most important shows include: „Bez tytułu” (Untitled) (1997), „Design/Gropius” (2002), „Perechodnik/Bauman” (2003, award of the minister of culture and national heritage), „Przyszłość świata” (Future of the World) (2006), „Księgi” (The Books) (2009), „Sierakowski” (Future Tales: Sierakowski) (2011).

Komuna// Warszawa is the successor of the legendary Komuna Otwock, one of the most interesting and significant groups of the Polish independent theatre scene. The 20-year history of the group is described in a book, Guide by Krytyka Polityczna, published under the patronage and with support of the Theatre Institute in Warsaw.

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