I Cannot Tell You Well, dir. Anna Karasińska

Written, directed: Anna Karasińska

Bożena Wydrowska
Sara Goworowska
Dobromir Dymecki
Karolina Harris

„I watch a scene of the bombing of a forest. It is not at all clear how I had already known what it looks like and how it feels to be in a forest under bombardment. I feel satisfaction”.

From the author:

My work is rooted in the exploration of whether discourse on war makes sense in the context of art and if so, what kind of content may be used as creative material for performing arts.

I explore the ways in which we use memory to „remember” war and how that changes over generations.

What is the real influence of this memory on the lives of people in Poland and does this mechanism find a more universal application outside Poland?

Is there a possible spectator experience that could rearrange the lines of memory inscribed in intergenerational transmission?

What change in the perception of the past war could be considered beneficial?

Would it be beneficial/ good to forget or to realise how much is remembered?

Project co-financed from the funds of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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