Anna Smolar: “Holiday Resort”

Resort (Ośrodek wypoczynkowy)
Director: Anna Smolar
Text: Michał Buszewicz
Dramaturgy: Michał Buszewicz, Anna Smolar
Set and costumes: Anna Met
Video and photo: Rafał Paradowski
Montage: Michał Czarnecki
Director’s assistant: Alicja Kobielarz
Cast: Marta Ścisłowicz, Andrzej Konopka, Sonia Roszczuk, Maciej Pesta, Jan Sobolewski, Małgorzata Witkowska + Jaśmina Polak (voice)

In a new reality, an avantgarde theatre venue is turned into a holiday resort – one of a network of places of relaxation and social conditioning set up by the National Programme for Collective Leisure. The resort, in common with other such facilities, meets the desires cherished by each citizen. The desire for comfort, for peace of mind, providing for oneself and minding one’s own business. A sojourn at the resort allows a holidaymaker to put out of mind all that is not pleasant, to reconnect with one’s latent needs.
Thanks to a holiday resort one can finally experience well-deserved relief. All decisions have been made, all business taken care of, external and internal condition is stable and wellbeing is within reach. Time to rest.

Production: Komuna// Warszawa. The project is co-financed by Urzęd Warszawy and by donations on the crowdfunding platform

Produkcja: Komuna// Warszawa. Realizacja projektu dofinansowana ze środków Urzędu Warszawy oraz dzięki darowiznom i zbiórce za pomocą platformy

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