„Cezary Goes to War”, dir. Cezary Tomaszewski

The director’s biography, written for four actors and a pianist, becomes a pretext to redefine the existing concepts and create their own queer fantasy system. The performance, in which Nijinsky’s Afternoon of the Faun comes to life in the men’s dressing room with one of Moniuszko’s songs, aerobic exercises with Shostakovich’s battle symphony and the memory of recruitment commision’s decision from years ago becomes an impulse for launching performative, camp variety.

The performance counts among the most important theatre events of 2017-2020.
Awarded for the best artistic team at 10th ITF Divine Comedy in 2017.

directed by: Cezary Tomaszewski
cast: Michał Dembiński, Weronika Krówka, Oskar Malinowski, Bartosz Ostrowski, Łukasz Stawarczyk
costumes: Bracia (Agnieszka Klepacka, Maciej Chorąży)
light: Antoni Grałek
dramaturgy: Justyna Wąsik, Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak
photography: Pat Mic

Project co-financed from the funds of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.


26 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020




30/40 zł

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ul. Emilii Plater 31
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