Breathing Symphony. A Brightening (Symfonia oddechowa. Jaśnienie), dir. Dobrawa Borkała

Premiere: 3.09.2019

The breath as an automatic function of the body is an act of constant becoming, an exchange with the environment, an opening of the body to the world. The inner and the outer, the intimate and the collective, the personal and the political meet in respiration. The pulsating of an individual body, entering into interaction with the pulsating of other bodies, looks for a common rhythm and the rhythm of an individual breath follows the collective pace, experiencing apnea.

The performative event A Brightening (Jaśnienie) invites the spectator to follow their own natural breath. As air passes from person to person building their body, it is accompanied by a guide – the seashell Rosada.

Concept and founding of the choir: Dobrawa Borkała
performance: Dobrawa Borkała and EChO (Experimental Breathing Choir – Eksperymentalny Chór Oddechowy): Robert Bigus, Barbara Borkała, Manana Chyb, Anna Jurkiewicz, Agata Mamczur, Olga Ozierańska, Nadia Szypilow, Aleksander Wawrzyniak, gościnnie Edka Jarząb
sound cooperation: Edka Jarząb
space, costumes: Marta Szypulska
lights: Aleksandr Prowaliński
performative consultation: Anna Nowicka
dramaturgical consultation: Anka Herbut
music consultation: Wojtek Blecharz

Project co-financed from the funds of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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