Grzegorz Laszuk: Cartographic Crime Story

performative exhibition

Maps are a special manner of describing the world. By skipping part of the information, they permit useful generalisations, such as checking the distance between cities, mountain height or ocean depth.

Utopia creates a special category of a map depicting common ground. Defined as something impossible to achieve, it opens infinite possibilities for the imagination. Sometimes, it takes the form of a detailed description – like in the case of the “Utopia” by Thomas More, that gave name to the universal longing for social happiness.

What kind of “irrelevant” details are hidden in the maps of utopian cities? Whose corpses can be found in the back alleys deemed unimportant by the authors of the master plan? All the subsequent utopias repeat the errors and flaws of the fundamental oeuvre by Thomas More. “Utopia. Cartographic Crime Story” is an investigation tracking the crimes hidden under the blank spots of the maps depicting how we imagine “a better, brave new world”.

Grzegorz Laszuk (born 1967) – director, graphic artist, activist, co-founder of the Komuna Warszawa. Author of over 50 politically involved performances.

The project is co-financed by the Warsaw City Hall as part of the Hub Kultury Komuny Warszawa program

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