Holy Kluska

The eponymous KLUSKA (NOODLE in Polish) is a constantly hungry bull terrier, spending her childhood at home of a childless couple, creative employees of a corporation. Mrs. OLD is always missing life, which according to her is somewhere else, and her much older partner, OLD, is very shy. Over time, KLUSKA causes them more and more problems. Loneliness drives her towards Dogoddess. This tragicomic and minimalistic musical for three actors is based on a real biography, only with a slight admixture of fantasy.
The authors of the show have created a completely new theatrical genre – the holy-hop-dog musical, which is hard to find not only in Poland, but even on the world’s musical stages.

Direction: Agnieszka Smoczyńska
Text: Robert Bolesto
Lyrics: Zuzanna Wrońska
Music: Zuzanna Wrońska, Marcin Macuk
Light: Aleksander Prowaliński
Choreography: Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Katarzyna Sikora
Costumes: Milena Liebe
Cast: Piotr Trojan, Małgorzata Gorol, Andrzej Konopka
Idea „Musicals! Musicals!: Tomasz Plata
Production: Komuna Warszawa
Coproduction: Alter Art

Project co-financed from the funds of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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