A Talk About Trees (Rozmowa o drzewach), dir. Weronika Szczawińska

Premiere: 6-8.06.2019

Weronika Szczawińska’s performance is devoted to landscape reduced to a single object: the tree. A tree as a physical object and an imaginary one; a natural tree and a purely aesthetic one; a tree as a subject of poetry and politics; a tree as a being connected to pop-therapies of our neurotic age. We will be guided by tree-focused poems of Bertolt Brecht, walks around the forest and shinrin-yoku.

Co-creators and performers: Aleksandra Gryka, Małgorzata Pauka, Maciej Pesta, Katarzyna Sikora, Marta Szypulska, Piotr Wawer jr.



Project co-financed from the funds of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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