Komuna Warszawa: “Terry Pratchett. Social Science” – contemporary opera

Production: Komuna// Warszawa
Guest appearances: Olga Mysłowska (soprano), Irad Mazliah (dance)

Premiere: 16 February 2014

Terry Pratchett, the author of the “Discworld” series and one of the most popular writers in the English language, sees the real world in a distorted mirror and provides amusing, ironic and accurate commentary on contemporary culture and politics. A similar strategy will be employed by komuna// warszawa – using dark humour, it will depict the European society in a state of unstable equilibrium, resulting from a meeting of individual and group interests, which aim to fulfil their needs without any regard to the consequences for the entire system. Using pop-cultural clichés, komuna// Warszawa wishes to draw attention to the complexity of social relations and instability of social structures, to the fragility of unstable equilibrium and to the difficulties faced by attempts at reform and introduction of new forms of organisation in the complex world.

Pratchett does not merely create a fantasy world – his writing observes the rules of meticulous bookkeeping: 98% of people form a shapeless mass in a state of permanent decomposition. The remaining 2% are divided roughly in half into those who want to bring the end forward and those who wish to prevent it. That does not, however, mean that the situation is in a balance – unless we accept the truth that equilibrium is achieved by constant swaying to and fro (dynamic equilibrium).

That is, magic.

What’s all that to do with social science?


Irad Mazliah – Israeli dancer and choreographer, artistic director of Intimadance festival, has cooperated with many dance troupes in Poland and Europe.

Olga Mysłowska – singer, specialist in baroque music. She has studied with, among others, Paula Esswood, Olga Pasiecznik and Alison Pearce. Well-known vocalist on the alternative music scene, co-founder of Polpo Motel.

Project is co-financed by the Warsaw City Hall and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.




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