Stayin’ Alive. In other words: surviving. Sounds like a good title for times of (post)pandemic.

Nine choreographers dance to disco music. It looks a bit like in “Saturday Night Fever”, and a bit like experiments in the field of movement improvisation. Seemingly – two distant worlds, in reality – they have always been close to one another. In the 1970s, famous improvisation dancers from the circles of Grand Union performed in New York just a few blocks away from the disco mecca – Studio 54.

Starring Macio Moretti as the music composer and nine well-known dancers important for the Warsaw dance scene: Wojciech Grudziński, Karolina Kraczkowska, Agnieszka Kryst, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Ola Osowicz, Magda Ptasznik, Paweł Sakowicz, Marysia Stokłosa, and Marta Ziółek.

They introduce the project thusly: “We had been invited to dance solo. Each one of us was supposed to dance to the same music, inspired by the song »Stayin’ Alive« by Bee Gees. The use of this song makes reference to the 1977 movie by John Badham “Saturday Night Fever”, and the legendary main character created by John Travolta.

Considering the pandemic, the idea was for us to dance separately, without contact with each other. Our disco dances were to be recorded and played one after another, as different interpretations of the same music.

After months of isolation, we were yearning to do something together. We were tired of loneliness, of forced creativity on the Internet, we didn’t know (and we still don’t know) what our professional and personal future would bring. We didn’t want to compete, we wanted to cooperate.

Looking at the dancing John Travolta we were asking ourselves: what is he actually doing? We started to describe what was happening in the music video with fragments of the “Saturday Night Fever” film, and we created a music score of subjective perceptions of a man dancing to disco. The score became the basis that connects us, but within its rules, each of us does one’s own improvisation. Flowing hair, synchronized dancing, taking care. Be shocked by what you’ve done. Kiss passionately”.

Premiere: 7 September 2020, Komuna Warszawa Facebook pages, one video clip every hour, starting at 10:00 AM.

Production: Komuna Warszawa
Curator: Tomasz Plata
Camera: Michał Januszaniec

Co-financed from the funds of the National Centre for Culture within the framework of the programme “Kultura w sieci” (“Culture Online”).

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