Teren wspólny/Common Ground – series of trailers: Natasza Gerlach

Natasza Gerlach: Dwelling in possibilities: in search of what makes this house a home.

When the reformatory becomes a metaphor of the state, we start to question the norms enforced within it, as well as the way in which they had been shaped. Citizen bodies become a discursive and political matter of resistance, subjected to diverse kinds of oppression. In this context, tenderness becomes a threat for the dominant order that leaves no space for sensitivity and empathy.

The project is an attempt to deconstruct the perception of norms and to experiment with tenderness as an attitude towards the world, opposing exclusion and discrimination, proposing a new distribution of roles and affects, escaping the repressive conservatism of our daily life.

Inspired by the concept of heterotrophy by Michel Foucault, we will explore theatre as a privileged space of experimentation in micro-politics, a place of constant “becoming” and creation of collective emancipatory fictions.

Natasza Gerlach is a resident of this year’s edition of the Culture HUB of Komuna Warszawa chosen in an open call.

Natasza Gerlach is born in 1994 in Poland. Formed in training cycle in National School of Dramatic Arts of Montpellier in parallel to her higher education in Performing arts and Theater theory at University of Montpellier. During her studies ses participates in several workshops with, among others, Thibaud Croisy, Toshiki Okada, Mathieu Hocquemiller and GaĎlle Bourges. In 2017 she joins the master of theater directing at La Manufacture in Lausanne. In 2018, she’s invited by Andrea Bellini to participate in to CAMP, a platform bringing together 17 performers during a week of living, working and creating within the spaces of Contemporary Art Center in Geneva. The same year, she participates in the project entitled Global Institut of Solitude presented by blitztheatergroup at Belluard Bollwerk International Festival in Fribourg. In May 2019, she assists Michelangelo Miccolis, performer and guest curator invited for In Close Proximity at Contemporary Art Center in Geneva, an event, bringing together two generations of visual artists and choreographers. In parallel, she works close to Nikima Jagudajev for her new project The Dentist. In September 2019 Natasza présents her diploma project Eventfully tender, which will be shown in July 2020 in the frame of Santarcangelo Festival in Rimini, an then in November 2020 in Geneva in the frame of platform for young emerging choreographers called « Emergentia ».

The project is co-financed by the Warsaw City Hall as part of the Hub Kultury Komuny Warszawa program

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