Weronika Szczawińska: „No more war”

As the generation that remembers WW2 passes on, dangerous warlike fantasies persist and grow. In the performance “Never Again War”, we wish to turn to the memories of a person who survived the war and incessantly reminisces about it, in her own way, indifferent to political and ideological discourse on history; she reminisces and expresses it in her own, intimate language. Adela Sz., 91, returns to the convoluted events, images and words of her youth. The green perfume of a Red Army captain, soldiers groping girls, dance parties broken up by the partisans, German lessons, the glow in the sky of Warsaw burning afar, executions – just some of the details of her tale. We seize on her memories and respond to them, in accordance with our needs, the needs of our time. Five performers – three actors, a director and a musician – create a composition in which “war” takes on new meanings. Adela’s memory is subjected to theatrical procedures inspired by „Disintegration Loops”, a series of compositions by the American musician William Basinski. The disintegration of memory, its disappearance, deformation and transformation all become the point of departure for actions that marry music, movement and theatre. Actions that are looped, return, disintegrate with each repetition.

Concept: Weronika Szczawińska, Piotr Wawer jr

Creators/ Performers: Aleksandra Matlingiewicz, Jan Sobolewski, Weronika Szczawińska, Łukasz Maciej Szymborski, Piotr Wawer jr

Scenography and costumes: Marta Szypulska

Realizacja projektu dofinansowana ze środków Urzędu m.st. Warszawy.

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